Touring America in a Caravan

America is a vast country, and if your goal is to see as much of it as possible, a motorhome, caravan or RV is the best way to do it. Whether you have a couple of days, or several months, travelling around the US by caravan allows you to immerse yourself in the country, the culture and the history, and American roads were seemingly made to simply drive and soak up the scenery.

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Of course, you need a reliable caravan and one of the most well regarded companies is French based Chausson Caravans. The company offers a wide range of motorhomes, designed to comfortably accommodate and sleep up to four people. Depending on your budget and the level of comfort you are looking for, you can choose such extras as a separate bedroom and shower, a compact but roomy fridge, cooking area, and plenty of useful storage. Many retired Americans hit the road as soon as they have spent their last day at work, to explore the huge country they call home.

Why a Caravan or Motorhome?

One of the big advantages of exploring the United States by motorhome is that you can literally take your sleeping and living quarters with you, and stay in a different place each night. America has a comprehensive network of campsites and RV parks, which are generally well run, affordable and convenient. Many can be booked ahead of time, or of course you can simply wait and see where you end up that night. Staying in one place for a few nights gives you an opportunity to recharge your batteries and take a break from driving. You can cook meals and eat in your caravan, which of course is a great way to save money on holiday.

Where To Visit In the USA

Deciding where to visit in America may be your biggest challenge. With the freedom and flexibility of a caravan, you can explore everything from the Florida Everglades and Disney World, to the many national parks such as the Great Smoky Mountains, or the charming villages of New England. Many motorhome travellers instinctively like to head away from the larger towns and cities to the Midwest or Southeast, where distances between places are vast by UK standards. Perhaps the ultimate destination for many visitors to the US is the Grand Canyon, a natural wonder that stretches for over 200 miles through the Arizona desert.